You may not keep up with all the recent studies in the field of medicine, but you’ve probably heard the excitement surrounding cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Unlike other cannabis products, such as THC, this highly popular oil made from the cannabis plant is a non-psychoactive. Therefore, it does not cause the same side effects. While scientists have just begun to discover the many benefits of CBD, we already know it’s providing promise to many who suffer from illnesses ranging from tumors to seizures.


CBD for pain can also be taken orally, and there are several benefits to this as well. One of these is the wide variety of products available. Traditionally there are drops or tinctures, but there are also edibles, such as snacks and gummies. Also available are capsules, coffee, gum, mints, softgels, tablets, teas, and more. And if you choose to use drops or tinctures, you can customize your dosage. Based on your needs you might use more or less product.